• The moving trucks were out in full force prior to the start of the WHA's second season -- the Philadelphia Blazers moved to Vancouver to become the Vancouver Blazers, while the Ottawa Nationals move to Toronto to become the Toronto Toros. The previous season, the Nationals played their playoff games in Toronto in anticipation of a move.

• The Alberta Oilers changed their name to the Edmonton Oilers. The season prior, the Oilers had intended to split their home games between Edmonton and Calgary with the departure of the Broncos prior to the start of the season. That plan never came to fruition, and the Oilers had played all their home games in Edmonton.

• The strangest journey was that of the WHA's New York franchise. After the team was sold during the off-season, it changed its name to the New York Golden Blades. With an untenable lease on Madison Square Garden and fans staying away in droves, the Golden Blades moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 24 games into the season and became the Jersey Knights. They played their home games in an arena that featured a sloping rink.

• The Houston Aeros pull off the biggest coup of the off-season, luring Gordie Howe out of retirement with the promise that he would get to play alongside his sons, Mark and Marty.

• How good of a hockey player was Gordie Howe? At 45 years young, he scored 31 goals and 69 points to lead the Aeros with 100 points -- and more importantly, to lead them to an Avco Cup championship, sweeping the Chicago Cougars in four straight games.

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